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22 October 2013

The recent news that Media Temple was acquired by GoDaddy means that I need to start putting together a backup plan for my sites. Not that I have a lot of sites or that I have a great need for hosting at the moment, this is more on principle. I ended up moving all my services away from GoDaddy a long time ago due to their over-the-top marketing.

Unfortunately, with the new announcement, I’m questioning again whether my current host will stay as it is or whether things will change with new management. From everything that I have been reading online, it’s time to start thinking about moving hosts.

The first step in getting this started is to move my personal site off of Media Temple. To be honest, I’ve never been super-impressed by the response time of my sites. It usually takes at least a few seconds if not longer for the site to load. I was even seeing this after I moved my site to Jekyll, serving static HTML files and backing it all up with the Cloudflare service.

The nice thing about moving to Jekyll is that I can make a few structure changes and publish everything to Github for a quick hosting change. I made that change today and everything looks like it is moving along.

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